I'm Jo. I cook for the people I love. I write to clear my head. I listen to music all the time. I take too many photos. I travel when I can. I live for being outdoors. I enjoy the beauty in all things. But mostly I obsess over my dogs and cats. 

I spent ten years living and working on my home in Atlanta, Georgia. I recently sold that beautiful home and bought a new one to start my life in Dallas, Texas. New York City is where I grew up. I spent my college years in the lovely city of Boston. Right now life here is good, but my constant state of wanderlust has me dreaming of all sorts of places to explore.

I paint furniture [and anything else I can get my hands on], hoard vintage things, and design beautiful spaces for a living.  

There's so much I love to get lost in. 

This blog is an extension of my many 'states of reverie.' 

Here is a random Q+A I filled out. And here's another one! It's what I do when I need to get 'unstuck.' [oh and one more about music just because!]

Thanks for stopping by!

Also enjoy the unnecessarily hipster photo collage of my face. It's not a proper 'about me' without one, am I right? :)