Lavender Eyes with Lorac

After picking up the massive Lorac eye palette a few weeks back, I’ve been experimenting with different colors to see what suits me. I’m not going to go into my entire makeup routine, but below you can see all the bits that went into this face.  Yes, it seems like a ridiculous amount of makeup, but it’s really mostly brushes.  I was having a decent skin day when I shot this, so I didn’t need to use foundation and opted to go with under eye concealer [from It! Cosmetics] and spot concealer [Makeup Forever].  The rest of the products on my face are powder [Mac], blush [Hourglass], contour [Kevin Aucoin], and highlight [Becca].  My lipstick is a combination of Nars Funny Face and Urban Decay Matte Revolution in Stark Naked. The latter is a color that looks quite terrifying on me solo, but when I place it on top of virtually any bright lipstick color I own, it creates a muted, softer effect and makes nearly any formulation long wearing.  I filled my eyebrows, since they’re a little sparse in some spots, put primer on my eyelids [Nars], and then finally got to the eyes...

I’ve watched a fair few makeup professionals put together really striking eye looks, and though I like to play around and recreate similar looks, this makeup routine is much more accessible to my everyday.  Check out my little captions to see which brushes I use for specific colors.  You can really create this using just two brushes, a shader brush and a blending brush, but I’m a painter and I love a good brush!


Use a shader brush to cover your entire lid and slightly above it with lavender.  Lavender seems to be a color that works with nearly every skin tone, so this is a fool proof color to pick up! I then use the pencil shaped blender brush to pat purple on the outer v [the outer corner of the eye] and in the crease [or the socket region]. You can use this brush to lightly blend in this color into the lavender, but don’t worry too much about getting it perfect just yet.  Using a fluffier blender brush, blend bisque into the area just beneath your eyebrows and tap a bit into your inner corner [I like to use my finger for this bit]. Use the same brush to now blend in circular motions the eyelid and crease area.  Using a small shader brush, tap soft plum onto the center of the lid. You can lightly blend this using the fluffy blender brush, but it’s not necessary.

For your bottom eyelashes, use the pencil blender brush to add purple to the bottom lash.  If you’ve got a purple eyeliner [I recommend Urban Decay’s eyeliner in Vice for this look], smudge purple eyeliner along the bottom and top lash lines, smudging with your finger or the pencil brush.  If you don’t have a purple eyeliner, just use the pencil brush to smudge more purple eyeshadow along the top and bottom lash lines.  I went with black eyeliner [I used Smashbox] along my bottom waterline. 

Lastly, I curl my lashes, put on some lash primer [it really helps extend my short, stubby lashes!] and mascara [used a sample of Smashbox smoky eye]. After spraying my face with Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray, I’m good to go!

The first set of photos I took right when I put on all this makeup in the morning [above], and the second set [below] were taken around 5pm, and all my makeup [including my eyes] lasted throughout the day.  I like this look since it’s natural, but slightly different from my standard neutral look.

This combination of colors works well with my skin tone and is a perfect look for fall [since I wear lots of maroons and plum shades this time of year!].