September is one of those months that always kicks me back into gear. I get weirdly, disturbingly, overly excited to do work and get things done. Even though my ‘back to school’ days have LONG since passed, I still get that nudge to get myself sorted, and start focusing on all the things I took a break from over the summer. My blogs, my furniture painting, even my Airbnb took a breather for a few months.  I spent time traveling, which I’ll get around to sharing more about in future posts, but the real reason I had a brief hiatus from all the things was due to my house being put up for sale. I’ve lived in my 1930s bungalow for 10 years now, and it’s hard to imagine myself anywhere else. I still don’t know if I’m ready to part with it [nothing is final!], but regardless of my hesitations and undeniable love for this house, we’re going to give it a try!


Staging a house is normally fun for me, but it’s a TON of work when it’s your own place. Having to figure out how to somehow hide all of your things so the house appears spacious and uncluttered while still living in it is nothing short of a nightmare! If anything, this process will turn me into a minimalist yet! [don’t hold me to that though, I’m no Marie Kondo] Normally I only share design-y things on A Simpler Design, my business website and blog, but this is my personal hub, and there’s nothing more personal than sharing my home.  Today I’m posting the video our realtor had made of the house.  When I first watched it, I couldn’t believe it was the home I’ve lived in all this time! It felt like I was watching some big reveal moment on an HGTV show. We put a good bit of work into the house this spring, and this video gives you a quick glimpse [though nearly 4 minutes does feel a little long for a promo video…but there are A LOT of rooms!] of the finished product.  I’ll be doing room tours on my other website, so feel free to head there if you want to snoop a bit more into my home!