It's Monday, it's a new week and I'm feeling a little bit underwater. We're in the process of getting our house ready to be put on the market, and the thing my mind compares it to right now is a tsunami. I've known it was going to hit for sometime, but now it's here and it's hit and that tsunami is literally taking all my things and rushing them down an unexpected river roaring through my home. What's currently left in the aftermath are random piles of clothes and junk drawers and work supplies and SO MUCH home decor and art [I'm a quiet hoarder if you didn't know]. My life has been turned upside down. It's like when I tip out my junk drawer and have to organize it all. Except that junk drawer is gigantic and filled with 10 years worth of stuff.  INSERT EXPLETIVES!

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 4.27.21 PM.png

Actually though, I'm writing this after things have calmed down.  There is an end in sight, it's just going to continue to be a struggle to get there.  Today I picked out just enough clothes to last me for the next few months, and right now I should be sorting and discarding bins of makeup and toiletries [yes I have stupid amount of both] but it's strangely exhausting.  I think it's more mentally taxing than anything else, but my saving grace in all this has been music and podcasts. I've switched between two music mixes over the past week or two, one being this one of newer songs and the other being a classics mix [to be shared on another day!]. Here's the link to the Spotify mix I started: MIX 2. When I feel like I need to be ingesting something new, I turn to podcasts. I listen to more podcasts than I'll ever have time for, but the three that I've been sticking to lately are:

Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey: I've been a big fan of Casey Neistat for years, mostly through Youtube.  He's based in New York, and I love his vlogs because they bring me back home. His wife Candice is the epitome of RBF and I sort of adore her. She's super salty and funny and I love the dynamic between her and Casey. The podcast 100% isn't geared for people in relationships. It's more of an outlet for the two of them to chat about anything, and though the focus is at times something from their relationship and their past, it's more light but still informative on how people interact when in a couple.  ANYWAY, watch Caseys videos a little to get some context, but for sure listen to this podcast.  

Decoding Westworld: This really only applies if you watch Westworld, or if you've tried to watch it and couldn't get into it and gave up. Don't give up! It's so complex and fascinating. I should just write a post on Westworld in its entirety, but I make no proimses! I'm a total TV and movie nerd, and the pair who do this podcast do a number of podcasts I listen to. Dave Chen and Joanna Robinson are fantastic at breaking down some of my favorite shows and movies. But this podcast in particular completely changed how I viewed Westworld. I find a really good TV/film podcast helps you understand the show on a deeper and sometimes more intellectual level. I know this sounds so silly, but I seriously appreciate these podcasts for this reason!

Song Exploder: I love music, I listen to it constantly, and I love it infinitely more when I get to know the stories behind the songs I love. I don't know how I stumbled upon Song Exploder, but it literally does just that. Each week it takes a different song by artists from all sorts of genres, and has the artist[s] explain the development of the song, from the sound to the story behind the lyrics to how the song affected the artist. I love hearing the songs build bit by bit. Of course I get extra excited when a song I know and like pops up here, but I actually enjoy hearing the process behind music I'm unfamiliar with.

Okay, back to sorting through my life's objects. Sigh. I've had the mix [below] on while I wrote this, but now I think I'll switch back to the podcast [currently on the Song Exploder episode on one of my favorite new Arcade Fire songs]. 

MIX 2: