I've been keeping up with my bullet journal [if you're not sure what this bullet journal stuff is all about head here for an overview of the process!] fairly steadily for the past five months, my longest streak yet! That being said, I was in and out of town most of March, so my month was much more abbreviated than all the others.  I kept up with my monthly calendar, but didn't end up logging my weekly/daily tasks.  Traveling makes that tricky, and I honestly was so busy with non work things, I didn't really need a log to stay on task.

Instead, I used my March pages to include a few quotes that resonated with me. I made things a little more creative by using last year's beautiful Rifle Paper Co. calendar as a backdrop for the quotes. They're a thicker card stock material, so it gives those pages a bit more weight, and reminds me to flip to those pages whenever I want to review them. I also kept track of my first trip to Dallas, making quick notes of the things I did. I tend to do that when I bullet journal while on vacation, so I can refer back to what I did each day, where I ate, even how much or more likely, how little sleep I got!

I do love the flexibility that bullet journaling gives me. Had I purchased a traditional planner, I'd have to skip over and waste so many pages.  This route is far more resourceful for someone like me whose months vary pretty significantly when it comes to work and travel.

jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-bullet-journal-flip-through-march-2018- - 1.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-bullet-journal-flip-through-march-2018- - 4.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-bullet-journal-flip-through-march-2018- - 3.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-bullet-journal-flip-through-march-2018- - 2.jpg