Music is a constant in my life, that much I'm sure of. What I listen to however, changes depending on the day or the hour.  Sometimes I'm harkening back to my emo pop punk days [hello road trips!], other times I need energy and I dabble in a little EDM [mostly while working out], but more often my tastes these days vary on different levels of 'chill.' I love music that's quiet and emotional, music I can have on while I work, while I write, even while I sleep. Sometimes it can be more ambient, but I do love a song I can sing along to.  Most of this mix falls under that category. They're all fairly calm in pace. I like to hum along with the lyrics while I write or paint.


This morning I'm listening to this mix while I lay in bed surrounded by three quarters of my animal brood [though fairly sure the one missing quarter is underneath the bed]. I can't really focus on music at night while in bed, otherwise I'm sure to fall asleep within minutes, a newfound gift for this former insomniac. But mornings are perfect. I'll have coffee or tea or a smoothie, and spend a solid hour getting my day sorted out while the music plays. If I'm writing, I'll choose songs that conjure up the emotions I'm wanting to hone in on.  Much like how tv and movies know just the right song to stir up feelings, I'll play songs that pull emotions out of me. Here's a link to my Spotify Playlist: States of Reverie - Chill  Hope you enjoy it :) [ps- if you don't have Spotify, not sure if you can access the songs- but there is a free version of it and I can't recommend it enough!]