The first month of 2018 is at it's end, but it's only the beginning for so many projects I have in mind! One big item I got to check off my massive to do list was giving the Airbnb a re-design. I've been an Airbnb host for just over a year now, and I've always had wonderful, positive feedback from guests about the space. I've been starting to get repeat guests, and I figured it was only fair they get a bit of a rejig of the space, so their experience feels fresh and new.  As part of my other job/hobby/love of my life, I paint new pieces of furniture every week, and I've been incorporating more of my painted pieces in the Airbnb. As I sell a piece, I'll swap it out for something else. I love the ebb and flow of the design of both my home and Airbnb.  I love to experiment, play with color, take chances, and switch things up.  I took new photos this week, partly to update my listing, and partly for another even more exciting project coming up! [will share more on that soon, I hope!] Below are the photos of what my Modern Garden Bungalow currently looks like!

jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 12.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 25.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 27.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 23.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 29.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 31.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 21.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 32.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 20.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 18.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 19.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 6.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 17.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 33.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 15.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 13.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 11 copy.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 9.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 8.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 7.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 3.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 6.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 4.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 2.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 1.jpg
jo-torrijos-states-of-reverie-atlanta-airbnb - 30.jpg