This song. This song popped up in my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist, and ever since, ever since I've been stuck in time, stuck with this song. I've had it faintly on in the background of everything I do. I don't know what it is. I don't know if it's the reverberating counting to keep time, the minimal, affecting lyrics, the quiet start developing into something more.  I thought if I wrote it down, if I posted about it, I could let it go. We'll see.  For this post, I looked up the music video, and it's haunting. It's giving me all too familiar 'The Ring' vibes. [The Ring was weirdly one of my favorite movies in high school, not sure what that says about me...!!]. Now I'm likely to have some bizarre dreams involving this song tonight.  But maybe that will be it. Maybe that will be enough. 

PRO TIP: give Gordi's latest album a listen. The entirety of it. It's weird. It's beautiful. I love it.