Check Out my Airbnb: Modern Garden Bungalow

I don't think I've mentioned it here before, but about a year ago I began renting out my backyard studio on Airbnb. I didn't realize it then, but it has become an incredibly fun and fulfilling part of my business! The studio is such a quiet, restful space to retreat to, and though I don't get to use it as much personally these days, I love being able to share this extension of myself with all of my guests! 

On Airbnb I refer to it as the Modern Garden Bungalow. It's located at the back of my property in my backyard. I live in the Virginia Highland neighborhood of Atlanta, which is a really walkable part of the city close to so many of the wonderful things Atlanta has to offer [yes I'm starting to sound cheesy like my Airbnb listing, but it's all true!].  It's just under 500sqft and it's basically one big, open space. It has everything you'd need to stay and relax for a weekend or as long as you want! 

Although the space isn't large, I managed to fit a full kitchen with plenty of counter space and storage.  Most of my guests don't have a need for a kitchen, but the ones that do really appreciate the functionality and design of it. 


On occasion, I'll still spend the night in here and it's always one of the best sleeps I've ever had! When I'm lying in bed, I love being able to look out into the room, noting all the little details and design touches I've made to the space. I used to house all my styling props for my furniture painting photography in here. Airbnb is now essentially a full time business, so now I keep everything back in my house, but I did make sure to leave some of my eclectic treasures in the space for guests to enjoy!

Maybe it's the clean white walls or the open expanse of the space or the massive height of the ceiling, but it has a calming quality to it that's perfect both for resting or getting work done.  On days when I don't have an Airbnb guest, I like to take my laptop out here and write at the dining table [which doubles as a perfect work area]. Guests also really seem to enjoy my kitchen island. The stools swivel and adjust for height, so they're a great spot to chat or have a cup of coffee or tea and get some work done [or not if you're on vacation of course!]. 

More on the kitchen: [can you tell it's my favorite spot?!] I always get such nice comments about the design of it.  Guests want to know where I got the backsplash tile, what type of countertops I have, and they ask about the paint finish on the cabinets. [I'll share more on all that some other time!] Since I had originally planned to use this space as part of my design business, I incorporated finishes I like to recommend to clients, and that attention to detail seems to go really far with my Airbnb guests!  

I try to make sure my guests have everything they need, whether it's a full set of dish ware, all the fixings to make coffee or pour a glass of wine [two of my personal favorite things to enjoy in here!] or cook up a simple meal if they choose.  

I recently upgraded the bungalow with a new queen size bed that I've placed in the far corner of the space. I keep two retro side tables beside it. Though the 'bedroom' is open to the rest of the space, it feels large and restful whenever I stay there [and guests seem to agree!].

The bathroom is accessed through a sliding barn door and like everything else in the bungalow, isn't large, but is quite functional and laid out to maximize space.

The shower is actually really spacious for such a small room. I took the modern faux wood tiles up to the ceiling to make it feel even more expansive [it's hard for me not to chat about my little design tricks!]. 

I genuinely love this bungalow.  Everyday I think about how fortunate I am to be a part of the Airbnb hosting family. Being able to create a little getaway in Atlanta for my guests makes me so happy. If you're interested in renting out the space sometime in August, September [weekends are beginning to fill up but there's still plenty of availability!] or beyond, head to my Airbnb Page. You can also check out more photos of the space here!