Trying out the new Star Provisions

Star Provisions has been a fixture in my life since I moved to Atlanta years ago.  It's the perfect combination of beautiful things and beautiful food. Everything Anne Quatrano touches is golden in my eyes. But I was surprised and slightly concerned to hear they were moving shop to a new location. Would it live up to my lofty expectations? After my recent visit, all my fears were assuaged. The photos speak for themselves!

The new space has soaring ceilings and the most incredible natural light, perfect for all the food photography I will surely take here.

Like their previous post [which I believe is still operating, only now is referred to as Little Star], food is ordered and paid for at the counter. I went for the Spinach pizza, a combination of spinach, pecorino, gruyere, mozzarella, garlic and Calabrian chili.  

Spicy, garlicky, savory and massive, I managed to polish off a decent bit of this pie. It also made for fantastic leftovers. I sautéed shrimp and served it alongside the pizza, which reheated quite nicely in the toaster oven. 

My friend Katie went for the Pulled Roast Chicken Sandwich, a sizable serving of roast chicken, lemon vinaigrette, chili aioli, bitter greens and herbs on ciabatta bread.  I had a taste and it's such a satisfying sandwich!

Like I said, the natural light makes the food extra irresistible. 

From the corrugated metal roof washed in white... 

To the massive windows...

The perfect blue herringbone tile...

And let's not forget the expansive outdoor area that makes me feel like I've been transported to Napa Valley!

It's slightly off the beaten Westside path, but I highly recommend spending an afternoon enjoying the delicious ambiance that is Star Provisions!