When Life Gives You Lemons, Buy Macarons

Yesterday I had a series of unfortunate events [not unlike the Baudelaire family], fell asleep like an exhausted child fresh from a tantrum, begrudgingly woke up late, and today isn't exactly going the way I'd have hoped.  I had grand plans of getting a lot of work done, but I've now decided to post my favorite series of macarons [they are really quite stunning if I do say so], go workout and have a relaxing bath [a bath very much unlike the one I received while giving my dogs baths both yesterday AND today...another rant for another day!]. If that's all I get done today, I'd call it a success. I'm not entirely sure where I could procure macarons at this hour, but I'd run there right this minute if I could.  One bad day can't ruin the lot, so I'm going to decisively make today a better one. Here's to a better weekend!