A Walk in Piedmont Park

I'm at Piedmont Park almost every week and with good reason.  It's such an expansive icon of Atlanta filled with all sorts of paths to discover and quiet places to wander through.  Sometime around Mother's Day I took my mom for a walk around the park, taking her on a 'tour' of a few spots she'd never been to. It was the perfect mother daughter date: strolling around Lake Clara Meer, saying hello to all the dogs at the big and little dog parks [hanging out by the little dog park will surely brighten anyone's day!], admiring bridge architecture, investigating the aquatic center, getting some sun on the big lawn, spending quiet time overlooking the greenery [and possibly a pair of geese mating..?!], and most importantly...grabbing a couple popsicles from King of Pops.  A quiet morning spent at the park is one of the many things I love about living in Atlanta.