Cardio Playlist + My Must Have Workout Gear

Working out has become a part of my everyday routine. In the past I'd often fall off the wagon, usually due to shoulder or ankle issues flaring up, or many of life's distractions. Fortunately, for the last few months I've been really steady with things, which feels great both physically and mentally. Working out for me takes on different forms.  Some days I'll go for a quick run on The Beltline and around Piedmont Park. More often, especially now that the weather is heating up, I'm working out at home, either on the elliptical, doing a HIIT routine, free weights, a bit of yoga, or just dancing around [when no one's watching!]. Cardio workouts where I can listen to music are where I'm at my best. Good music makes the time fly by. The tempo of each song drives me and distracts me from the pain and sweat and makes working out feel far more satisfying.  I'm always looking for new songs for my workout playlists, but this has been my recent mix of songs that help push me everyday. [listen to my playlist at the end of this post!] Now for the things I can't live without when it comes to working out...


I get asked about my running shoes all the time, and these have been my ride-or-die pair for months! The Nike Free Run Flyknits are perfect for me, but running shoes are very particular to every person, so I can't speak for every person's workout needs! For me, I love having a sneaker that's incredibly light, fits like a glove, and sits securely on my foot no matter what I'm doing. These shoes are perfect for all around workouts. I don't go on longer distance runs, and I'd probably not recommend these for long runs [go with something with more support], but they're a perfect everyday shoe.  Here's a link to the pair I own, which is currently on sale, but there is a more updated pair that came out this year. I'd buy these in every color if I could!


My Apple Watch is also a must have in my everyday workout routine. Fitbits are just as great and most of my friends have those, but I'm an Apple nerd, and the watch has been pivotal in encouraging me to move more and set daily goals for myself. I've had the first generation Apple Watch Sport for a few years, and my only gripe is the battery runs out fairly quickly.  I'm not sure if the series 2 are better in battery longevity, but I'm hoping I can hold off until they come out with a third iteration and pick up a new one when it comes to market. 


Wireless bluetooth headphones have also been a game changer.  If I go on a short run around the neighborhood and I don't want to bring my phone with me, I can link my headphones to my watch, which houses my current workout playlist. These headphones are far from high end [there are definitely some better options out there that are on my wish list] but they charge easily, stay in my ears and work well. 


There are a few other bits I can't live without when it comes to working out [I may need to do an entire post just on sports bras and leggings!]. What is part of your must have workout kit? I'd love to hear from you!