Styling: Telling a Story Through Aesthetics

This is the year; the year I share more of myself, focus on the things I love, the things I'm passionate about, the things that warm my heart.  Photography styling resonates with me so deeply. I love to write, and though I don't always share my words and my thoughts publicly, I don't have any issue in sharing photos. Combining objects, colors and textures tell a story much in the same way words do.  When coupled with a sense of style and a personal aesthetic, photos convey a message that can be hard to say out loud. I snapped this series for my design website.  I finished working on a beautiful desk yesterday, a curbside find from a vintage Atlanta furniture company.  I styled it in the late afternoon sun when there was a feeling of calm and quiet in the house.  Sometimes I'll use photoshop to add filters to further develop the mood in my shots, but I felt like keeping this series in its original state. In my mind, I wrote a story about this scene. I'm not sharing it here today. Maybe one day I will.  But for now, sift through the photos and see how the aesthetics and style of them convey a mood, a feeling, a story in your mind.