New Music Mix: End of one Season, the Beginning of Another

Winter seems to have officially kicked the bucket here, and with it comes spring, my favorite season for listening to music. Lately I've been spending a fair bit of time on my front porch, exploring new artists [along with a few familiar ones]. I get such a thrill when I discover new music. There seems to be an ebb and flow with the frequency of new tracks that resonate with me.  Currently I'm very much in a 'flow' state of mind. Spring has a way of bringing on the new. There are so many musicians I'm unfamiliar with but I'm really enjoying right now.  The majority of the tracks below are brand new to me [there's even an instrumental one, since I've been getting into more of that as of late]. It's a mostly mellow mix [with the exception of a couple more upbeat tracks], and it lends itself to the mood I've been in.  I've had trouble sleeping for a solid month now, and though it's against what anyone would recommend, I'll sometimes put on a bit of soft music to help lull me back to bed. I used to hem and haw about the exact order of songs [which is one of the key requirements of a properly achieved mixtape], but I honestly listen to most playlists on shuffle, and this one is no different. So order them in your mind as you want, but all of these are worth at least one listen! I initially added a few songs from the Big Little Lies soundtrack to this mix, since it's essentially been on repeat since I purchased it on Friday, but I literally love the entire album [minus maybe one song], so I'll need to give BLL its own just deserts  soon.