April Mix

The songs on my current mix are varied to say the least: electronic, punk rock, indie rock. Old songs, new songs, old songs that are new to me. Songs from The Leftovers [the new season just started]. Songs from a Netflix show I’m binge watching [13 Reasons Why]. My favorite song from that movie about Steve Jobs. One Neil Young cover. Two songs whose titles have to do with stomach aches [a coincidence I just noticed!]. Songs that make me want to dance, fall in love, fall asleep, go on a drive. Songs that remind me of being a teenager. Songs that remind me of people, places, moments in time. Some songs I love more than others, but together, they make up a mix I’ve had on all week [when I’m not listening to Claire Danes perform The Handmaid’s Tale on Audible].  

It’s shaping up to be a rainy, gloomy Thursday here in Atlanta, so music and books and painting and writing will fill up my cozy indoor day.  What will fill up yours?