Learn How to Make Candles: Candlefish

There's something about candles I find completely irresistible. Every time I'm in a shop that sells candles, I'll walk around and smell each and every one.  I can't help myself. I can't explain it. I'm simply compelled to. 

When I first visited Candlefish in Charleston, I knew I'd found my happy place. I came home with several candles from that trip, and before I knew it, they opened a Candlefish just a few blocks from my house [and I knew I was in trouble!].

My best friend was so sweet and for my birthday she booked us for a candle making class at the shop. We're both candle obsessed, and learning how to make them only furthered our addiction.

The Candlefish space and classroom are beautiful, and the actual process isn't difficult at all! I'd highly recommend taking a class whether you're into candles or not.  You'll learn the process, get to figure out which types of scents you're drawn to, and work with high quality ingredients [tip: always buy soy candles if you can!].

We got to make and take home two 9oz. candles each. I made scent #4: eucalyptus, fir balsam and woodland pine.  I wanted something that reminded me of being up in the mountains, and this scent combination was spot on. I love that I don't even have to light it to enjoy that beautiful woodland scent. I keep this candle by my bed now.  

My friend Katie went with scent #18: ozone, water lilies and jasmine.  I'm not entirely sure what ozone is meant to smell like, but this candle does seem to capture the light, airiness of a clear blue sky. It's such a beautiful floral scent and I'd wear it as a perfume if I could!

If you go with a friend or a date or a family member [would make a perfect Mother's Day gift!], the best perk is you can swap candles. Now each time I light Katie's #18, I think of her and the fun morning we spent making these beautiful candles!

If you live in Atlanta or Charleston, book a class at Candlefish asap! If you don't live nearby, order yourself a candle or two [or as many as you can handle!] on their site.  They give scent descriptions for all 100 candles from their library, and I can vouch for the scents since I've quite literally smelled every single one [I told you I was obsessed!].