Where to Brunch in Atlanta: 8Arm

8Arm has quickly become my go to coffee, breakfast, brunch, anything spot.  I have to admit though, I'm a bit biased. Being three blocks from my house, I'm here a lot.  Like every week a lot. Yes, I come because of the convenience of it, but it's more than that. I come for the feeling, for the ambiance. As a designer, a well designed space goes a long way for me, and 8Arm is modern and clean with a hint towards vintage. And it's effortlessly bright. So bright, it may be the best natural light I've ever seen in a restaurant. For the constant food photographer and instagrammer, this place is a dream.  When I look around, there are people eating, drinking, chatting, working, reading, laptopping. It's a unique hybrid between a coffee shop and a cafe and I love both. I've been waxing poetic about this place so much, I haven't even begun to gush about the food!

And the food, the food is worth the trip.  It's a bit pricey depending on what you order, but with good reason. The ingredients are fantastic and fresh and for me, quality is worth spending a few extra bucks. The first thing I ever ordered here was their cinnamon roll. It's gigantic and decadent, and absolutely worth sharing [I certainly couldn't polish one off solo!]. 


Their lattes are delicious [but I'm not sure I've ever met a latte I didn't like!]. And again, for the photographer, the latte art and natural light can't be beat.

The best thing I've ordered thus far has to be their shrimp and grits. The quintessential brunch staple of Atlanta, it would be a shame if 8Arm didn't do it justice.  Again, going with high quality ingredients cooked to perfection, makes this one of the better plates of shrimp and grits I've ever had. The portion of shrimp was sizable, as were the shrimp themselves [they were massive and even tasted a bit like lobster!]. The grits were coarse and creamy and rich.  Everything was nestled in a red pepper broth that I would have drank straight from the bowl if I could!

From what I've tried so far, their cocktails are for those of us who aren't looking for the sickly sweet. I had a grapefruit vodka based cocktail [forgetting the name!] and it was tart and refreshing and served in a funky retro glass.  

There's been a buzz about 8Arm's biscuits, and justifiably so. They're big and savory and a perfect compliment to any meal there. They only make a certain number of biscuits, so head there earlier on the weekends to make sure you can score one. This past weekend I had mine with scrambled eggs, bacon and pimento cheese and it certainly hit the spot. I would be remiss if I also didn't mention that their standard coffee [which you can sit and get refills on all breakfast long] is top notch.

They also serve that beautiful biscuit up with a homemade spicy sausage patty and strawberry jam. I'm slightly partial to this combination, since I love the pairing of savory and sweet.  But as a biscuit purist, my favorite way to have theirs is with nothing but a dollop of really good jam.  I'm slowly making my way through trying everything on the 8Arm breakfast/brunch menu, and I've yet to try this place at dinner time, but I'm sure I won't be disappointed! The next time you're visiting Atlanta and find yourself in the Poncey Highland / Virginia Highland area [this place is really on the cusp of the two], wander into 8Arm and give it a try! [tip: when you enter, it appears to just be a tiny coffee shop, but if you're wanting a bigger plate of food, head to the left and you'll find the main dining area!].