Simple Workout Makeup

I've been working out more in the last year, and though I don't belong to a gym [yet...eep!], wearing good workout clothes and looking pulled together gives me the motivation and drive to go harder. Wearing makeup while exercising seems a bit ridiculous to some, but I don't see a problem with it. If you're at the gym, at a class, out running with friends, there's nothing wrong with wanting to look a bit pulled together. For me, wearing makeup, whether it's a full face of it, or just a swish of mascara and some concealer, gives me a boost of confidence in any situation.  

The makeup I typically wear when I workout [which also tends to be what I wear everyday since I work from home] is simple and quick to put on.  It's such an ingrained routine, I can throw this together in 5 minutes and be out the door.

Most days, I wear some sort of light coverage on my face with an SPF.  I usually need some kind of concealer under my eyes so I look more alive [especially if I'm up for an early workout].  I'll use a fluffy brush to place a neutral eyeshadow on my lids with a darker shade smudged in to my upper and lower lashes. I fill in my eyebrows with brow powder, curl my lashes [a must for this straight, short lashed lady] and put on a mascara that doesn't smudge easily.  I'm not a fan of waterproof mascara since it's such a bear to get off, but there are plenty out there that can withstand a good bit of sweat and activity. If I'm feeling a little pale [which I very much am this time of year!] I'll wear some blush or bronzer on the apples of my cheeks to give me a bit of life and color. Lastly, I'll put on a lip balm or gloss and spritz a setting spray on my face.