Flowers that Last Forever: Amaranthus Paper & Flora

I've always been a sucker for flowers.  I know it's such a traditional trope, but for me, giving someone flowers is such a wonderful way to show you love someone.  Whenever I've received them from a guy, I always found it incredibly romantic, even more so when they were given out of the blue. [I LOVE surprises!]  I also find giving flowers to those you care about [it doesn't always have to be a romantic sentiment!] to be so thoughtful.

My wonderful friend Katie sent me a bouquet of beautiful paper flowers for Galentine's Day. f you don't watch Parks and Recreation, you might not know the reference [though this about sums it up!], but basically it's a day where you show your best lady friends how much they mean to you. Good friends buy you flowers. Great friends buy you flowers that last forever! 

A while back Katie and I went to an event at West Elm and met Meredith and her mom Cherie, owners of Amaranthus Paper & Flora.  The both of us were floored by how beautiful their handmade paper flowers were! We knew we had to have them in our lives and promptly both bought bouquets! [say that three times fast!]

Katie doesn't buy fresh flowers because she has allergies, and also isn't a fan of how quickly they wilt. And she's right! Whenever I have flowers at home, there's a fair bit of upkeep to make sure they stay fresh for as long as possible.  I'm constantly trimming them and replacing the water. The beauty of paper flowers is they stay beautiful and flawless without any of the maintenance! 

Katie knew I especially loved peonies [they're one of my favorite flowers!], and it made my day [and my week and my month!] when I received a stunning bunch of them in the mail this past weekend!

Maggie, my perfect little calico kitten [you're still a kitten at 7 right?!], adores paper flowers too!

She planted herself squarely in the flower photo shoot I had going on, and had no intention of ever leaving! 

If I could, I'd fill my house with every single paper flower they make. They're so much more than flowers. They're a sculptural piece of art I love to look at everyday! If you're considering sending a loved one flowers, consider sending a bouquet from Amaranthus Paper & Flora!