Three Reasons I Love Avocado Toast

Those who don't breakfast do avocado toast.  I'm not entirely sure that's true for all of the breakfast averse, but it's absolutely the case for this girl. Oh avocado toast, let me count the ways I love you.

1. IT'S SIMPLE: the bones of it are self explanatory: avocado + toast.  I love that no matter how I'm feeling in the morning [energized, exhausted, starving, hungover], this combination is a fail safe breakfast option for me.

2. IT'S FILLING: If I'm running out of the house and I'd like to manage more than a granola bar, I'll quickly slap together an avocado toast, since it's guaranteed to last me through a good portion of the day.  I prefer a bread that's high in fiber and filled with whole grains and seeds [this is basically the only bread I buy].  A hearty bread combined with the good fats found in avocado provides a meal that keeps me full and energized for hours.

3. IT'S VERSATILE: The beauty of avocado toast is it's the perfect vehicle for so many delicious add ons! I love to add arugula, tomatoes, turkey, and the occasional cheeky bit of crumbled bacon. [throw all of these on there and you've got a KILLER sandwich!] Supplementing the standard salt and pepper with some savory spices is also a nice addition to the mix.

My current everyday avocado toast is simple but incredibly flavorful and if I must say, beautiful! 

As I mentioned, I always start with my standard hearty bread of choice. I do try and purchase slices that are smaller in size. If I'm feeling extra hungry, I'll go for two slices, or if I'm just putting together a snack, I'll stick to just one.  These are thinly sliced, which makes me feel like I'm eating quite a bit, but each piece of bread is only 60 calories and all good ingredients!

I take half an avocado, [the other half goes back to the fridge for safe keeping- leave that seed in since it helps the avocado from browning!] scraping it out with a fork. If I'm in a rush, I'll just slap the avocado directly onto the bread, but it's far better if I mash it in a small bowl first and mix in my preferred spices. I only add three spices, coarse kosher salt [or Maldon sea salt], fresh ground pepper and a bit of turmeric [adds a slightly savory-ness to the mixture and is loaded with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory effects]. 

A new addition to my toast I'm loving are thinly sliced rounds of radish.  Radishes bare bright, fresh and their crunch is a nice contract to the creamy avocado. They're also a fantastic detoxifier and add loads of fiber to the toast. 

I could easily devote a weekly post to my unadulterated love for avocado toast. It's simple, filling, versatile and consistently delicious. I know it's very 'hip' right now, and it's found on every 'foodie' feed, but I'm more than happy to be a part of this bandwagon!