Comfort Food Love: Ragu at Bellina Alimentari

I'm all for cooking healthy and making smart choices when it comes to food, but there are times where you need a bit of comfort food in your life. A hearty serving of fresh pasta is the key to my heart. Even though I can whip up my own batch at home, pulling together fresh pasta and a decadent sauce can be a lot of work. When I want a fix of home cooked pasta but I'm not up for cooking myself, I don't have to look very far. Bellina Alimentari, a counter service Italian restaurant, is just a short walk from my house. I've tried several dishes at this spot, but nothing compares to their ragu.  

Their fresh papardelle pasta in a creamy beef and pork ragu is nothing short of divine. I was lucky enough to take a pasta making class here last year, and the chef explained the process of making this signature sauce.  It's made with simple ingredients: carrots, celery, onion and good quality beef and pork, but the slow cooking process transforms them into something extraordinary.  I made a similar sauce from my favorite Italian cookbook a while back, but it's such a treat to take a break from the kitchen and let someone else do the cooking once in a while.  If you find yourself in Atlanta, head to Ponce City Market and give this dish at Bellina a try!