Eric Carle: 'I See a Story' at the High Museum of Art

I grew up with Eric Carle. His stories and beautiful artwork informed so much of my childhood and continue to be a source of inspiration. Fortunately for a fan like me, The High Museum of Atlanta opened an exhibit on his work! I visited when it opened a few months back, but spent my time just enjoying and immersing myself in all his work [the exhibit showcases more than 80 of his original collages] and didn't take much in the way of photos. 

I did snap a series from one of his more recent books [he's 84 and still putting out incredible work!]. I made my way through the original mock up pages for his 2013 book, Friends, and fell in love with the story.

This book is loosely based on Eric Carle's life, but it's a love story anyone can connect to and take to heart.  I'm ever the hopeless romantic [yes, you would be appalled in my taste in movies!], so naturally, this book had me hooked. 

The story is based on two friends who are forced to separate when one moves away. The boy then makes it his mission to find the girl again, determined to reunite with her [literally climbing mountains to find her]. If only life and love worked so simply!  But in the eyes of a child, love should and can be this simple. [I'd personally like to recreate the wedding scene below one day, complete with one of my dogs carrying the train of my dress of course!]

These photos really don't do Eric Carle's work justice.  Whether or not you've read his books before [and how could you NOT? The Very Hungry Caterpillar, enough said!], I highly recommend giving this exhibit a visit [it's on through mid January].  It's a wonderful space for children to discover his work, but even better for adults like me who are unabashedly nostalgic for Eric Carle's work.  

When I was a small boy, my father would take me on walks across meadows and through my books I honor my father by writing about small living things.
— Eric Carle