If you've ever met me, you'd know that I LOVE to cook. I'm incredibly passionate about taking seasonal, good quality ingredients and turning them into something delicious and satisfying.  I'm not an incredibly complex cook [though some of my friends might disagree]; I prefer keeping things simple and healthy.  You may also know that I absolutely LOVE design, almost to a fault.  I'm constantly walking into rooms, mentally [and sometimes physically!] rearranging furniture, imagining what colors I'd paint the walls, what objects or antiques I'd bring in to give a space texture and history. 

Combining the two things I'm passionate about would be an absolute dream job.  My portfolio has a fair amount of interior design, but I'd like to add more food styling to my repertoire.  I'm starting off with a project I've been working on, taking one ingredient and using it in multiple ways.  I started with the Meyer lemon, and created several delicious things, including candied Meyer lemon peel.

I'm currently working on a series of Meyer lemon cocktails, and I'm so excited to share more photos and recipes with you!