Color Inspiration: Beer Bottle Labels

Last night I was at a bar with a friend. We pored over the drink menu, trying to figure out which beer would make the cut.  I went for the Kronenburg 1664 [I usually drink their blanc, which comes in a blue bottle and is tastier, in my opinion!]. She was hoping this one particular beer would be on the menu.  She couldn't recall the name at all, but distinctly remembered the label had a pink elephant on it. [great marketing if you ask me!] A google search quickly solved the mystery [it's called the Delirium Nocturnum], but I'll have to wait to find out how good this beer is, since it wasn't on the menu after all. All this talk about beer reminded me how I weirdly used to analyze beer labels.  [hear me out on this one...!]

Since paint and design are part of my everyday, I’m constantly aware of colors and how they interact with one another in different contexts. More often than not, I'm inspired by nature, but recently I've began looking at how marketing campaigns and ads use color. The designers of labels know what they're doing. In my excessive and relentless photography of everything I eat and drink, I began to give all those beer bottle labels a second look.

Many of them actually have great color stories, and their logos and artwork are definitely worth noting.  I'm probably one of the few people out there who are interested more in the label of a beer than its actual contents [sorry to all my beer enthusiast friends!], but it's interesting to me to see how the design of a label correlates to the actual taste of what's inside the bottle.

I'm no expert on beer [by a long shot], and certainly would end up botching the descriptions of any flavor profiles found in these beers. But it could be a curious idea…the next time you order a beer [this also can work with wine!] pay attention to the label, note the colors [bright? warm? cool tones?] and see if it at all relates to what you're consuming.  From my experience it does, and for me, it gives me new ways to view color and see what colors work in conjunction with one another.  

Or maybe just drink your beer like a normal human being should...!