Getting back into the cocktail game recently and though I'm not typically a gin girl, I'm slowly becoming one, especially when paired with anything lemon. [since I love nearly anything made with lemons!] I came up with a simple, yummy cocktail recipe that most definitely garners a summer vibe. The mason jar is mandatory; it gives this drink that extra southern charm.


  • 1 jigger of Gin [or approx. 1 oz. or more depending on how you feel]
  • 1 jigger of meyer lemon simple syrup [I made this using my recipe for candied Meyer lemon, but you can recreate this just by steeping a good portion of meyer lemon rind with equal parts sugar and water for a half hour]
  • Lots of Ice
  • Club Soda or Tonic Water [I like the taste of tonic more, but club is calorie free if you're looking out for that sort of thing]
  • Slices of Meyer Lemon [just because]
  • A piece or two of candied meyer lemon- SO yummy

Combine the first three ingredients and shake thoroughly. Add the fizzy stuff and slices of lemon and stir. Garnish with candied Meyer Lemon. Mint also works beautifully in this combination, but I used all mine whilst juicing this week.  The only sort I had left was chocolate mint, which I do enjoy in a cocktail, but decided it would be too strong alongside the lemon and gin.