Will Run for Donuts

It's Friday and I'm feeling chatty. I woke up late and not in a very work-driven mood. Such is life! When this happens, I'll fill the time downloading new music, cooking something, and catching up on the handful of guilty pleasure shows I'd never dare watch with others around [I don't want to name specifics, but I have been known to watch one of the Real Housewives series, judge at your leisure!].  As lazy as I wanted to make today, I took a new healthy left on the road to procrastination town! I went on a quick run [The Beltline might save me yet...!] and followed it with some serious juice making [four types today, one involving an unnecessary amount of kale!]. I'm drinking one of the healthier varieties right now [a combo of romaine lettuce, grapefruit, orange and mint] and real talk...all I can think about are donuts. 

Specifically, I'm craving these mouth-watering confections I had while visiting a close friend in New Orleans a couple weeks back. That pink one on the bottom? Grapefruit Hibiscus. So pretentious sounding, but I'm more than happy to indulge in hipsterific donuts any day of the week.  [that top one with the white frosting was some sort of oatmeal cookie in donut form, also a firm contender!]

The back and forth of trying to be healthy, while being tempted by guilty pleasures is a constant struggle for me. But I have to say, over the past few months, I've noticed positive changes in myself not when I was holding off from indulgences like donuts, but when I'd actually let myself eat what I wanted. You'll hear the phrase 'it's all about balance' over and over in the fitness world, but it's true. Calorie counting and having certain foods 'off the table' is just not a plan that works for me.  I'm much more motivated to work out and live healthily, if I know I'm allowed to have drinks over the weekend, treat myself [treat YOself] to a nice meal, and indulge in the occasional gigantic donut.  

I'm realizing my biggest mistake while writing this post is I've now been writing about and staring at photos of donuts, with no actual donuts handily available.  What is this life?!  If you do make your way to New Orleans, do stop at District Donuts. We waited in a rather ridiculous line for these babies, but they didn't disappoint!