Favorite Photos: The Lady of Portobello Road

In my everyday, I spend so much time focused on furniture and food, I sometimes forget my love for photographing people and places. I'm slowly collecting photos I've taken over the years that have struck a chord with me. I hope to get my personal favorites printed and framed. From my trip to London two years ago, this shot easily makes my list. For me, a well executed photo captures the energy and mood of a moment. Where people are involved, I love stolen moments, nothing that feels posed or contrived.  This photo taken on Saturday at Portobello Road [a world famous weekend market] combines it all. The street was packed to the gills and mildly chaotic.

Amid the weekend shopping chaos, I happened to snap a photo of the most striking lady along Portobello. Donning a perfectly posed beret, jagged coral necklace, citrine yellow bag and a black trench coat, this striking woman was a force to be reckoned with. Everyone else in the shot seems caught up in the chaos, but not my beret wearing friend. She's walking her own personal catwalk, unfazed by anyone or anything. I want her confidence and style [well, not exactly since the black beret/trench look isn't for me, but I digress...]. This photo conveys her steadfast power juxtaposed with the disorder and movement of Portobello Road.