Summer Trip to Charleston: Waterfront Park + Fireworks

There's no denying Charleston is a beautiful city. Yes it was hot. Yes it was humid. I understand now why women used to seek shade with parasols and flutter delicate lace fans at themselves all day long. It's hard to act like a lady when you're sweaty and sunburnt! 

All wincing about the weather aside, I absolutely loved Charleston.  

Being in design, I immediately fell for the architecture and beautiful old homes of this city. 

I mostly took photos of doors and windows and buildings [so much so, I need to save those for another post!]. 

I genuinely felt like I had crossed the Atlantic and was wandering around an old European city, when I only a few hours from home.

More than anything, I loved being close to the water.  I so desperately want to live in a place where I can be by the water at a moment's notice, and Charleston fits the bill. 

Today, I'm sharing a series of photos I took at the Charleston Waterfront Park. We walked over here on our first day to check out potential places to watch the fireworks on the fourth. 

If you're ever in Charleston on the fourth of July, I highly recommend heading here. 

There's a cool breeze coming from the water and there's really not a bad spot to view the fireworks being shot off Patriot's Point. We didn't even need to get there early to scope out a spot.  

Everything is so relaxed in Charleston, like I imagine it has always been. 

We did so much on our short trip, but I never felt hurried or stressed. I'm already planning for a return trip, possibly this fall. 

Between the history, the food, the architecture and the beaches, there's still so much for me to see!