Making Friends at Work [when you're a designer and mostly work alone]

Working from home has many perks, but making friends isn't one of them.  I'm an interior designer and furniture painter, and while the former does afford me some opportunities to leave my bubble and meet with clients, the latter makes me miss having co-workers. I'll use just about any excuse to meet up with friends during the day or after work, since working by yourself can drive you a little mad! A blessing and a curse though, I've been really busy with design work for the past month. I still want excuses to be social, but I need to do my best to stay focused on my business. A good respite from the solo work life is the presence of the odd pet or two [or four in my house!]. On a recent styling project, I got to work alongside an exceptionally friendly feline. I'm certain she wanted to be my assistant, particularly when it came to taking photographs and being in them [sadly, the DSLR was a little too hefty for her to pick up!]. Animals really do just make everything better.  Yes, sweet kitty kept getting in my way and I had to take twice as many photos since she's a crafty bugger and snuck into so many shots, but I didn't mind for a second. I love the warmth and comfort pets bring to a home, and sometimes I get to make 'work friends' like this sweet girl.