Start of Summer: My Current Playlist

It's the first day of summer, but here in Atlanta 'summer' started a few weeks back. Being a former teacher, I still go into 'summer mode' every year. It can't be helped. I crave being by the ocean, being outside, listening to music and just relaxing. I can't exactly get to the beach on a whim [it's a good 4+ hours to the nearest one, sigh] and I only have a handful of friends with access to a pool, but good music is ever present.  I've had these songs on rotation over the past month. Some of these bands are new to me, and I fell for them so fast I bought their entire album after hearing a song or two [Kaleo was definitely a love at first listen!].  Other bands have been on my playlists for years. What they all have in common is you can find me singing along to every song [sometimes quite loudly!] while I work, while I'm writing, why I lay in bed at night. It's not a particularly summer inspired mix, but I love it all the same. Expect one of those in a couple weeks when I head to Charleston and the beach for the 4th!