All The Pretty Little Things

All the pretty little things covered in blues and greens. Tiny glasses and plants, collected they stand in place, but what do they even mean? I used to compare myself to Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I quietly, categorically, methodically collected all sorts of decorative bits from thrift shops and antique stores and Goodwills and every place in between. Nothing was ever too precious or expensive. Most of these things didn't have a functional purpose. But they were beautiful in their own right and so they became mine. 

Once I started taking photos and doing styling work, I realized that there is a purpose to objects and trinkets. Not everything has to have a function.  Sometimes, there's simply a moment where I look at something, take the tiny pink shells I purchased while at the beach. I didn't find those perfect specimens in the ocean, though that would have made a much more compelling story! They were only 50 cents apiece, but when I see them sitting on my bathroom countertop, I smile. 

I recall that trip one fall to St. Simon's, casually walking around the thoroughfare of shops by the ocean. I wandered into a store that resembled a head shop [actually, I'm fairly sure it was a head shop] and found a treasure trove of shells. It's funny how something so small can bring me back to that seemingly insignificant, but specific moment in time.

I don't keep all my little treasures in one place. I try to curate what I place around my home, much more than ever before [I blame Marie Kondo and her alluring tidying book!], but by having a few items here and there that are purely beautiful or memorable or significant in some way makes me feel more at home. 

What little things do you keep close?