Cats at Christmas

If you don't have cats, you might not know this, but Christmas is easily their favorite holiday.  Polls have been taken, and all paws agree Christmas [and the days leading up to it] are beloved and treasured by all cats. Don't believe me? Here's some photographic proof:

Cats like to take an authorative role, supervising the decoration of the Christmas tree.

Cats are sticklers for properly wrapped presents and will undo any work that isn't to their level of satisfaction [but only when you're not looking].

Cats are particularly focused on ensuring the Christmas ribbon is fully stocked and ready for wrapping.

Cats make sure no one tries to open their gifts early once they're under the tree. The 24 hour surveillance team is at the top of their game during the holiday season.

Cats truly are in all their glory once the presents have been unwrapped. It's a veritable winter wonderland of treasures! 

Cats may appear like they're doing something mischievous [and they probably are] but really, the piles of torn up wrapping and boxes IS the best Christmas gift you can give them.

Cats still appreciate the odd gift or two, and are partial to tiny toy creatures. They've never met a mice in a sweater they didn't like...or want to DESTROY.

Cats do like to relax in front of the fire [or the TV yule log] after a long day of play.

Cats like to have some quiet time to read a Christmas card or two.  They get very sentimental at this time of year.

Cats enjoy the annual Christmas stroll outdoors [weather permitting].

Cats so greatly appreciate when their owners choose to tie Christmas ribbons on them. Really, they just LOVE it.  

Cats like to make new friends [at least on Christmas, they remain stoic and passive aggressive the rest of the year]. 

But most of all cats adore a proper cuddle from their owners [sometimes that cuddle is more of a forced vice grip, but surely they can't get enough of it!].