Creating a Glowing Centerpiece with Candles

Oh, how I could wax poetic about candles! [I HAD to start this post with my incredibly savvy candle pun, otherwise it's all I would think about, so apologies!] Seriously though, I'm kind of a candle lover/aficionado/hoarder at this point. I haven't always had this obsession with them.  Maybe it's something that starts when you get to be a bit older, but these days I literally can't pass by a shop that sells them without picking one [or every single one] up and giving it a whiff.  I'm even a bit of a candle snob.  I vastly prefer soy candles for a number of reasons [here's a quick bullet list of their benefits], the biggest of which being they burn cleaner and don't have carcinogens or pollutants, so they're better for those of us who suffer from allergies. I'm also partial to supporting smaller scale candle companies.  My current favorite is Candlefish, which I discovered while in Charleston this summer. They've conveniently [or to my subsequent monetary demise] opened a second shop within walking distance of my house, so you too can get your candle sniffing jollies off.  Ok Jo, bring this back to the title of your post...!

For Christmas, I gathered all my favorite candle children [did I just refer to them as children, uhh...] and displayed them proudly on our dining table.  I created a centerpiece by bringing in my favorite wood board to ground the grouping, along with an ornament or two and a few sprigs of greens in a vase. When all the candles are lit, it feels like I have this fragrant, flickering fireplace right there as we enjoy our dinner. 

Having a gorgeous grouping of candles like this doesn't have to be just a holiday occurrence.  The table feels entirely too cozy and romantic, so I imagine I'll keep this little set up throughout the winter.  I'm currently in New York for a 'girls trip' with my mom, and I'm quite certain I'll find more delicious smelling candles to add to my table! [if my small carry on will contain them that is!]