Our Christmas Tree

It's Christmas Eve! I wanted to share a quick post of our tree before all the presents beneath it are decimated [well, not all the presents...if you look closely, you can play a fun game of 'Where's Maggie?' in the photo below!  We keep the Christmas tree lit all day long and it's beautiful in the daytime, but there's nothing like twinkling, warm Christmas lights at night.  Our tree warms up the room and makes us feel like we have a fireplace in here [or it could be the half a dozen candles I light at night!]. I wanted to share a few detail photos of the ornaments.  We are a 'more is more' family and could easily decorate multiple trees with the ones we've collected over the years. You'll see many mother-daughter ornament pairings. Every year since I was at least maybe 4 or 5 my mom has bought the set of Hallmark ornaments.  That roughly adds up to at least 50 ornaments alone!  Every time I look at the tree, I notice something different, a memory brought  back to me.  The presents beneath the tree are always beautifully wrapped, despite Jake and Maggie's every attempt to destroy any ribbon in sight, but the tree itself has always been my most favorite part of Christmas. I can't wait to sit beside it tonight, drinking hot cocoa, having cookies and having a relaxing, warm Christmas Eve!