The 15 Christmas Movies I Watch Every Year

There's nothing better than cozying up beside my Christmas tree and putting on a film during the holidays. For me, the Christmas movie watching season stretches far beyond the grasps of a normal person.  Since I was a kid, ‘Christmas’ movie watching started right around Halloween.  You heard me right, and yes I’m aware that’s weird! [but we REALLY love Christmas in my house!] It all began when The Nightmare Before Christmas first came out [1993], and I immediately fell in love! If you haven’t seen it, it’s basically about a Halloween town that discovers Christmas for the first time. Hijinks [and one of my favorite songs EVER] ensue. 

I then have all of November and December to pack in as many holiday movies as humanly possible. It isn’t beyond me to watch a minimum of one movie a day, though in more recent years, rather than watching daily, I’ll binge watch 2-3 in one sitting and take off other days of the week. I blame Netflix for this new trend. There are also movies I like to watch during the holiday season that aren’t necessarily ‘Christmas’ [Titanic, Interstellar, Pride & Prejudice, Les Miserables, The Sound of Music, You've Got Mail, war films and basically any and every period film].  For this list, I decided to stick to the tried and true Christmas films I watch year after year. What are your favorite holiday films? If you've got one that's not listed here, comment below- I'd happily watch more!


[in no particular order because it would take me TOO long to rank them!]

Love Actually [ok I lied, this ranks as my favorite Christmas movie and is usually watched a minimum of two times in the holiday season…and at least four times throughout the year, eep!]

The Holiday [the second best cheesy rom-com Christmas movie on this list]

Home Alone [Such a classic! This movie never gets old!]

Home Alone 2 [neither does the sequel! Plus it takes place in NYC so winning!]

A Christmas Story [I was weirdly apprehensive of this movie as a child, since someone told me a child gets shot in it…what a wimp I was. Love the narration!]

Arthur Christmas [a new one to me this year and it’s an animation and I absolutely loved it!]

Elf [Will Ferrel as a giant dopey happy glorious elf…need I say more?]

The Polar Express [one of my favorite children’s books of all time transformed into a movie!]

The Santa Clause [loves me some Tim Allen and this movie never disappoints]

Meet Me in St. Louis [not exactly a Christmas movie but it’s and oldie and it’s Judy Garland and it has the best Christmas scene with ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'…tear!]

It’s a Wonderful Life [such a classic, beautifully written film]

The Family Stone [I have a love hate relationship with this one, mostly due to some plot choices and little things that irk me, but overall this is still a must-watch during the holidays. My love for Luke Wilson saves the day!]

Miracle on 34th Street [the original is of course the best, but I watch the 90s version in equal measure]

A Christmas Carol [another film with multiple iterations, but it’s not Christmas unless I’ve seen one of them! I might love the Muppets one best though...!]

All I Want For Christmas [I'd completely forgotten about this movie for years and rediscovered it last year.  Love love LOVE this one!]