Christmas Lights in Atlanta

The writing for this post and posts to come may be a bit chatty and rambling, since I've had some blogging foibles to deal with [all my electronic devices are at war with me, and I'm losing!], and I've hit a wall when it comes to any sort of eloquent writing! Atlanta doesn't always feel as Christmas-y as I'd like since I grew up in the north and have an idyllic image of a winter wonderland Christmas holiday.  Atlanta is a bit weird with its weather at this time of year.  Yesterday it was in the 60s and today it's in the 40s.  The night we walked the Atlanta Botanical Garden [thank you to my bestie Katie for treating me!], we got my 'Christmas Wish' [cue sarcasm] and were treated to sub freezing temperatures. We nearly ran through the gardens since we've both turned into such wimps when it comes to the cold!  I'm so glad I managed to capture the gorgeous lights on camera so I can share them!  I can happily page through the magical lights whilst sipping a hot cocoa comfortably in my pjs and fuzzy slippers [current sitch].  If you do come to Atlanta during the holiday season, I do recommend visiting the garden.  Just be sure to dress WARMLY [we did, but again...wimps!], bring a hot beverage [you can purchase them there, but I really wish I had brought along a thermos of hot chocolate...or even better a thermos of a hot toddy! mmm...], bring a blanket, and bring a date [seems like it would be a very cozy, romantic date night!].