Ticking off one of my New Years Resolutions a bit Early...Joining Bloglovin!

Rather than going with a traditional new years resolution timeline, I've made my resolutions 'TO DO' list a bit early and am presently knocking a few things of the list pre-2017.  One of the key items is working on this blog more consistently AND joining the world of social media more [I'm going to really need to push for this bit!].  My first step is adding this blog to BLOGLOVIN, one of my favorite forums for discovering new sites and all sorts of interesting content.  This isn't exactly a full fledged blog post. It's more of a meta post; a blog post about blog posts.  I'm presently working on sorting all my posts out for the next few weeks, but if you'd like to stay up to date with the goings on in my life [most of which involves some semblance of food, travel, design, cats, dogs and beauty], I'd love to get your support! If you're not familiar with BLOGLOVIN, do check it out and sign up.  It's a simple way to keep track of the various sites you follow, and an even better way to find new ones to read. If you'd like to follow me [and if you're a friend of mine, you better...if you're not a friend of mine, please do and let's be friends!].  The holidays are my favorite time to blog and write and share photos of all the wonderful, delicious, happy things in my life! [to follow me, click the link below and sign up with a bloglovin account- I promise they won't spam you with emails!]. I feel like I've said blog FAR too many times in one sitting.  Sigh.