On the Mend: My November Playlist

I've always felt music has a way of healing. I spent most of November under the weather and recuperating. Being sick has a weird way of settling you. It gave me time to rest, time to think, and plenty of time to listen to music. November has been a month fraught with emotion and uncertainty for many. When it comes to my cold, I may be on the mend, but there are still things leaving me in a bit of a fog.  What helps bring me clarity is music. Much of what's on this playlist are new singles, some from bands I know, others I've just discovered.  Most are hints of what's to come in the year ahead. As soon as I post this, I'll be back to working on Thanksgiving prep [I single handedly make the whole lot of it, so it tends to be a four day affair, beginning on the Monday before the big day!]  Whilst peeling six pounds of potatoes, just know I'll have this mix on.  I also thought I'd share my favorite video from this playlist, a recent release from The Lumineers.  It feels so honest and real. Watch it if you have time!