I paint furniture and play with color and space for a living, so it must not be a surprise I love to play with color in other aspects of my life. I’ve always loved makeup, stemming from a childhood watching my mother and grandmother, but only recently did I start getting more intrigued by different colors and techniques. I’ve always been good about skincare, but I don’t own much in the way of eyeshadows. I’ve used the same 6-shade palette for the past two years, all in very neutral colors. Over the summer I picked up an 8-shade palette in metallics, meant to be used wet or dry.  Though I love that palette, it’s more of a dramatic look, and I’m much more partial to mattes and slightly more subtle shades.

I wanted to find a palette large enough to have a fair mix of both mattes and shimmery shades, so I could figure out how to create different looks that suit my skin tone and eyes. Though I’m still pretty conservative with what I put on my eyes, I’ve been really having fun with the most recent palette I picked up, the Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2. It has equal parts mattes and shimmers [32 shades in all] and a combination of neutrals and unique colors not found in other palettes.


I was most intrigued by the warmer matte tones [tawny, burlap, melon, tangerine, sorbet and goji], along with some of the green toned shades [forest, olivine and black ivy]. I’ve heard both warms and greens work nicely with brown eyes, but didn’t want to spend money purchasing these shades individually until I knew I liked how they worked for me.

I’m hoping to take some photos of me wearing some of these eyeshadows, but for now I thought I’d do a quick swatch of all the shades. The shadows are very buttery and soft [so the palette can get a bit messy, but not so bad if you’re gentle with it], and apply easily. I rarely need to dip my brush twice in a shadow to get the pigment amount I need. I use a shadow primer on my eyes, but even when I don’t, my eye makeup lasts most of the day without budging.

If you have someone in your life who also likes to play with makeup, this is a perfect gift for the holidays! It’s a limited edition and can only be found on ulta.com [and it should be in your local Ulta of course].