Some of you may not know this, so in case you don't just repeat the following phrase...

It's true! 28 years ago today my awesome Mom brought me into this world. As you get older, birthdays start to get a little less exciting...and eventually become something you dread.  But not me! [or at least not yet...the wrinkles and gray hairs are still at bay, folks...saying this even in blog form is probably going to be my undoing...].

I'm having an easy going day, filled with all my favorite 'doing nothing' things, eating a yummy brunch [location TBD], window shopping [and maybe even buying a few things, WHAT?], walking around thrift stores and antique shops [yeah, like you didn't see that coming...], a few other impromptu happy, carefree outings. I may have to visit the Humane Society, but just to give some puppies a little love, no adopting today! [she chants to herself, worried she may not follow through with this assertion...].

Later on, I'm headed to Bacchanalia with my mom for an early seating for dinner [6:15 was the only slot I could get, THREE weeks in advance! If you're not from Atlanta, it's apparently the best place in town; the chef Anne Quatrano is a James Beard semifinalist this year, so things basically will be amazing [it's my first time eating here, so I'm taking the word of many on this!].  Top off the evening with my absolute favorite Caramel Cake. I don't even like caramel in any other context, but this cake is pure crack.  Yes, that's right. Maybe if I'm feeling extra crazy [or craycray as some ridiculous person would say], I'll go out for a drink or two afterwards, but I'm saving my shenanigans and debauchery for the weekend [because who has shenanigans and debauchery on a Wednesday when you're 28?! Don't answer that...]

So that's the plan for this lovely birthday of mine.  I thought I'd also share with you what I imagine my ideal 28 year old person birthday would look like [insert collage of bright colors, confetti balloons [saw this on Blogshop and fell in love], bouncy balls [no ball jokes here, these things were THE BEST when I was a kid!], glittery, fringy banners and just general happy thoughts.  Oh and WINE.  [Basically the only thing delineating my birthday from that of a five year old.] Cheers!

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